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Meenaxi: Tale Of 3 Cities DVD

Meenaxi: Tale Of 3 Cities DVD

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Nawab a popular novelist of Hyderabad is suffering from the classic case of a writer's block. Five years have elapsed. Stories of substance seem to have dried up. Almost providentially Nawab comes across Meenaxi at a traditional qawwali ceremony. The young woman is enigmatic and individualistic. She's not quite willing to perform the part of a passive muse.

Meenaxi assumes different personae. She can be the mysterious perfume trader of Hyderabad the exotic desert bloom of Jaisalmer and the orphaned Maria of Prague. Inexorably she consolidates her command over the novelist. She dismisses his renewed attempts at writing as insubstantial and hackneyed plunging him into a state of deeper despair. She is scathingly critical about his story and is amused by one of the characters he creates the lovelorn and awkward kaameshwar.

Nawab strives to start on a new page all over again. Meenaxi comments that perhaps the book is in vain. In any case it is much too late. The writer must survive and live if he can without her support inspiration and criticism. Delving into the limitless world of creative endeavour and the vicissitudes in the way of such endeavours Meenaxi : Tale of 3 Cities approaches myriad aspects the relationship between art the real and the imagined being just one of them.

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