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Risk DVD

Risk DVD

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Risk is a story of an honest and upright cop Suryakant (Randeep Hooda), who is struggling through a dilemma. One risk can change his life. But he realizes his job is full of risks and doing his duty honestly is the toughest job. He is standing at the crossroad of a dilemma of serving his duty or be committed to his family or his love Shradha (Tanushree Datta), as they pay a heavy price for his honesty. "Risk" is the other side of the cop's life. It's the jeopardy his family faces for standing by him and his commitment to his uniform. His victory has a heavy price attached to it. This thriller with family backdrop is shot in various locations like Bangkok, Dubai, Austria and Mumbai.

Randeep Hooda plays the righteous and courageous 'Khaki bearer'. Carving a strong, confident and gutsy police officer that stands by his commitments to his uniform. Tanushree Dutta plays opposite Randeep, a dancer in the movie and veteran actor Vinod Khanna plays the lion in the den, with a new, stylized avtar as a don.

This movie is the other side of the story, an honest cop standing of a crossroad of a dilemma to take a risk. His job itself is a tough risk and doing it honestly a tougher job. It's a movie with a very strong character and hard-hitting story, which conveys a message and not the motives. Risk salutes the courage of those honest officers who are strangled in this system and still doing their duty in true sense not for the name or fame.

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