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My Desi Guru - French for Kids: Simple Words

My Desi Guru - French for Kids: Simple Words

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About the DVD... A spectacular jungle adventure where Kishy and friends learn French & English words in a truly multi-sensory and interactive method.This innovative, colourful and educational visual learning tool teaches common words kids can use in everyday language: food and drink; fruit; playground; clothes; days of the week, expressions, body parts and a whole lot more!

Our DVDs allow kids to learn French & English in a unique, interactive and stimulating way. Our DVDs are educational and entertaining, supporting parents efforts to teach French & English to young kids around the world using the most modern and successful language learning methodologies.

Kids delight with the animated jungle characters, eye-catching visuals, new story adventures, interactive games and music. Content and artwork is visually striking, well presented and modern.

Loved by children and their parents alike, the DVDs have generated much positive feedback and fulfilled kids and parents expectations. Interest has been expressed from around the globe! Truly a great and unique gift with long lasting benefits. Kids will simply want to watch them again and again!

So join Kishy, Loki, Isla, Tiki and Oni for jungle adventures. Come join our language journeys!

What makes our DVDs unique?

¥ Learning made fun and simple
¥ Cute and fun loving characters
¥ Colourful vibrant animations
¥ Nursery rhymes with a French twist encourage learning and singing
¥ Friendly narration with new fun stories each time
¥ Eye catching and stimulating imagery understood by kids
¥ All vocabulary displayed on screen in English & French
¥ English & French vocals aid pronunciation

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