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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Bright - Silver Series

Pharmaclinix Lightenex Bright - Silver Series

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Lightenex Bright

Prevents & Clears Hyperpigmentation

Lightenex Bright is a combination of skin lightening agents & vitamins which is scientifically designed to prevent & clear hyperpigmentation.

Action of Active Ingredients:

Octadecadenoic acid 2%

Azelaic Acid type Di-Carboxylic Acid with a powerful Skin whitening action

Liquorice extract 2%

Skin Whitener

Beta Arbutin 2%

Tyrosinase Inhibitor to reduce Melanin synthesis

Niacinamide 4%

Stops Melanin transfer from Melanocytes to Keratinocytes.

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate 2%

Water-soluble Vitamin C to lighten skin.

Salicylic Acid 2%

Anti-Inflammatory & Penetration Enhancer.


Apply a thin layer on a clean face, twice a day.

Use a high sun protection cream after applying Lightenex Bright.


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