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Zap It

Zap It

  • £17.95

Zap Those Zits with Zap-It

Targeted Relief for Pimples & Spots

Zap-It is a groundbreaking weapon for combating the misery of pimples and spots. Zap-It contains a unique formula of natural enzymes and anti-microbials which help to heal spots and prevent them from developing.

It comes in a handy pocketsize bottle and is quick and easy to use. Just dab on Zap-It as soon as you feel the tingle of an approaching spot.

Zap-It helps to quickly unblock the pore while a special agent releases a burst of healing oxygen and anti-microbials helps to eliminate any harmful bacteria.

Zap It is powerful and effective yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

  • Zap It is effective in combating pimples and spots including premenstrual and stress-induced spots
  • Zap It helps to prevent pimples and spots
  • Zap It helps to reduce inflammation and discomfort
  • Zap It safe for even the most sensitive skin
  • Zap It does not mark the skin
  • Zap It helps to minimise scarring and hyperpigmentation

Now when you feel a spot coming on don't stress yourself just Zap It!.

The name says it all...

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