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Radiance Starter Pack

Radiance Starter Pack

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The professional salon treatment brought straight into your home

Radiance Five Minute Skincare Regime
Consists of just three professional products specially formulated to help to achieve salon results in your own home. Used in combination these three products give you an instant solution to help to achieve a fairer clearer brighter and more translucent complexion.

Safe & Effective with no harmful ingredients
Radiance offers a safe way of helping to safely breakdown pigmentation (without bleaching) and minimising any
imperfections in your skin.

Radiance does not contain harmful ingredients such as Kojic Acid which has been banned in Switzerland and Japan (both leading nations in skincare) for use in cosmetic products.

Why use lots of different products when just THREE will do?Ê SJ-3 is committed to bringing you effective products which will help you to get the results that you desire. We do not believe in selling you an unnecessary number of products when todayÕs lifestyle cannot accommodate such a regime.
ItÕs chic white packaging and hygienic pump dispensers cater for todayÕs busy lifestyle rather than dated jars where thereÕs a risk contaminating the product if your hands arenÕt clean or wasting product that gets stuck behind your nails!
Foaming Cleanser & Exfoliant (150ml)

Daily cleanser and exfoliant gentle enough for everyday use whilst
still able to remove make-up

As oxygen is released it nourishes the skin diminishing the appearance of open pores and helps to stimulate cell regeneration. The skin will look visibly more radiant brighter and fresher and it will feel smooth and silky to touch.

  • Êdiminishes the appearance of open pores
  • Êexfoliates cells above the basal layer
  • Êrehydrates by locking in moisture
  • Êloosens bonds holding dead cells
  • Êhelps stimulate cell regeneration
  • Êfrees pores of impurities

The ingredients are based on eastern philosophies using botanicals and traditional herbs including sage and rosemary as well as natural plant proteins. The synergistic effect provides a technologically powerful yet gentle and non-irritating solution to everyday exfoliation.

(Formally Face & Neck Cr?me)

Daily cr?me specially formulated to help the appearance of
pigmentation fine lines and uneven skin tone.

A protective barrier forms reducing water loss and preventing further dryness by conditioning and re-hydrating the skin. Light reflecting particles protect against the sun helping to limit photo damage prevalent in regular exposure to the sun.

  • Êhelps to reduce uneven skin tone
  • Êstimulates healthy regeneration of skin cells
  • Êprotects against UV exposure
  • Êforms a barrier against aggressive environmental factors
  • Êhelps stimulate cell regeneration
  • Êfrees pores of impurities

Radiance Face & Neck Cr?me is enriched with plant extracts and oils supplying essential nutrients to the skin stimulating a deeper circulation and assisting in the regeneration of already damaged cells. This allows the skin to effectively control and reverse the visible signs of deterioration such as fine lines broken capillaries uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Five Minute Masque (50ml)

Weekly professional salon treatment formulated for home use to help
lighten brighten and make the skin appear more radiant and fair

Radiance Five Minute Masque gives you the unique opportunity to have access to a professional salon treatment to use in your own home.

This treatment will help you to achieve a fairer brighter and more translucent complexion.

  • Êcontains natural lightening properties
  • Êhelps to breakdown pigmentation
  • Êaccelerates the replacement of lost cells
  • Êhelps to even out the distribution of melanin
  • Êanti-oxidants help to fight harmful free-radicals

Used once a week it will help you to achieve a visible difference in pigmentation uneven skin tone and generally tired and sluggish skin. Radiance Five Minute Masque offers a safe way of helping to safely breakdown pigmentation (without bleaching) and minimising any imperfections in your skin. Does not contain hydroquinone Kojic acid or its derivatives.

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