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Radiance by SJ-3 MediSpa Kit

Radiance by SJ-3 MediSpa Kit

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Radiance by SJ3 is an intelligent skincare range containing all the products you will need to help to improve and then maintain the appearance of your skin. An instant improvement in skin texture and tone is achieved as well as giving you the opportunity to enjoy a highly effective, luxurious pampering treatment at home.

Radiance products are formulated to counter-act the visible signs of pigmentation, dull and lifeless skin and ageing by nourishing and re-hydrating the skin using specially selected ingredients. It makes the skin appear more luminous with many users reporting that their skin appears to be back-lit.

Specifically it offers an effective programme to control the visible signs of ageing by:

* detoxifying the skin
* helping to breakdown pigmentation
* accelerating the replacement of lost cells
* helping to even out the distribution of melanin
* anti-oxidants help to fight harmful free-radicals detoxifying the skin
* revitalising the skin's elasticity
* enhancing facial contours

Clinogen Laboratories have launched the Radiance Professional MediSpa Kit containing three essential steps to effectively treat and pamper the skin. The Red Carpet MediSpa Kit contains:

Daily cleanser and exfoliant, gentle enough for everyday use whilst still able to remove make-up. The ingredients are based on eastern philosophies using botanicals and traditional herbs including sage and rosemary as well as natural plant proteins. The synergistic effect provides a technologically powerful yet gentle and non-irritating solution to everyday exfoliation.

Used once a week it will help you to achieve a visible difference in pigmentation, uneven skin tone and generally tired and sluggish skin. Radiance Five Minute Masque offers a safe way of helping to safely breakdown pigmentation (without bleaching) and minimising any imperfections in your skin.

Daily use cream enriched with plant extracts and oils, supplying essential nutrients to the skin stimulating a deeper circulation and assisting in the regeneration of already damaged cells. This allows the skin to effectively control and reverse the visible signs of deterioration such as fine lines, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

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