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Radiance Anti-Ageing & Brightening Cr?me 50ml

Radiance Anti-Ageing & Brightening Cream 50ml

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Radiance Brightening Cream
(Formally Radiance Face & Neck Cream)

Daily cream specially formulated to help the appearance of
pigmentation fine lines and uneven skin tone.

A protective barrier forms reducing water loss and preventing further dryness by conditioning and re-hydrating the skin. Light reflecting particles protect against the sun helping to limit photo damage prevalent in regular exposure to the sun.

  • helps to reduce uneven skin tone
  • stimulates healthy regeneration of skin cells
  • protects against UV exposure
  • forms a barrier against aggressive environmental factors
  • helps stimulate cell regeneration
  • frees pores of impurities

Radiance Brightening Cream is enriched with plant extracts and oils supplying essential nutrients to the skin stimulating a deeper circulation and assisting in the regeneration of already damaged cells. This allows the skin to effectively control and reverse the visible signs of deterioration such as fine lines broken capillaries uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

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