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Radiance Foaming Cleanser & Exfoliant 150ml

Radiance Foaming Cleanser & Exfoliant 150ml

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Radiance Foaming Cleanser & Exfoliant

Daily cleanser and exfoliant gentle enough for everyday use whilst
still able to remove make-up

As oxygen is released it nourishes the skin diminishing the appearance of open pores and helps to stimulate cell regeneration. The skin will look visibly more radiantÊbrighter and fresher and it will feel smooth and silky to touch.

  • Êdiminishes the appearance of open pores
  • Êexfoliates cells above the basal layer
  • Êrehydrates by locking in moisture
  • Êloosens bonds holding dead cells
  • Êhelps stimulate cell regeneration
  • Êfrees pores of impurities

The ingredients are based on eastern philosophies using botanicals and traditional herbs including sage and rosemary as well as natural plant proteins. The synergistic effect provides a technologically powerful yet gentle and non-irritating solution to everyday exfoliation.

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