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Nail Factor

Nail Factor

  • £9.95

Nail Factor is designed as a unique therapeutic treatment, specially formulated to promote strong healthy nails and cuticles.

Today, well manicured hands are an absolute fashion essential. Nobody wants brittle, dry, flaking and peeling nails.

But if your nails are less than perfect, apply Nail Factor three or four times a day until the desired result is achieved, then once a week for maintenance.

Nail Factor is not a protective coating Ð it actually feeds the nails and cuticles. The powerful absorbent ingredients of Nail Factor penetrate all three essential elements of the fingernail Ð the nail plate, the nail bed and the cuticle.

Nail Factor provides vital nourishment, restructuring the nail cells and making them resistant to chipping and peeling.

So use Nail Factor for thick, strong, healthy nails and an elegant, chic new lookÉ

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