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The First British Book of Henna Art

The First British Book of Henna Art

  • £16.99

Fancy a go at Henna designs, why not learn how to with this great book for beginners.Ê The book contains a brief history of Henna,Êhenna secrets, tips on how to make your own henna cones,Êstencils and even henna designs.

Extract from the book:

I see sadness in your eyes.Ê Forget about dirty wars and the decline of values in our society and immerse yourself in some peaceful temporary body decorations.Ê Use the stencils and secrets in this henna art book to indulge your creative streak and look and feel much more contented.Ê Who knows - maybe tax breaks for people with henna art may be the next new legislation.Ê Or, maybe not.

'If I were you I would scrap the idea of those real tattoos and get a temporary one.'

'Everyone loves Henna Art, if only I could make it taste like chocolate.'

'That horse didn't throw me off! It was the unspoilt beauty of your henna art.'