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Jaaneman DVD

Jaaneman DVD

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Salman Khan as Suhaan Kapoor
He's a cool dude the longhaired rock singer and the wannabe star. He's immature full of himself and his dreams. Only when he's on the verge of losing everything he finally wakes up to what really matters in life.

Akshay Kumar as Agastya Rao
As the bespectacled geek the frilled shirted desperate suitor he's sure to melt many hearts. He cannot talk to save his life gets tongue tied with the woman he loves. He's sweet shy and simple and believes in the power of love.

Preity Zinta as Piya Goyal
She's the lovely girl who is strong yet strangely vulnerable. She appears to have everything - beauty brains wealth and heartache that refuses to go away.


Suhaan is a college stud a charming womanizer. He is the perfect guy. Perfect guy to fall in lust with. Agastya is an intelligent guy. He is a nerd and a geek. He cannot even communicate with girl properly forget dating. Piya is a college beauty. She is the princess whom every guy wants to fall in love with. Both Suhaan and Agastya love Piya. College gets over and all three of them go to their respective paths. Ten years have passed. Suhaan has achieved his ambitions lives in the perfect world he has everything except LOVE.Agastya is in his own world doing what he did the best. Work hard. He works hard so that others can earn money. He still hasn't found his love. Piya now lives alone with no luck in love for her too.Then suddenly one sunny afternoon all three meetÉAccidentallyÉ.

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