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Youki the Wound Healer Spray 30ml

Youki the Wound Healer Spray 30ml

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Youki The Wound Healer Spray is a Class 1 Medical Device and is recognised by the MHRA under EEC Directive 93/42 EEC. KingÕs College London recently carried out a study and recognised the theory of wound healing using the Youki concept. An essential for every First Aid box, Youki the Wound Healer is a revolutionary spray-on ÔdressingÕ which helps to cut healing time in half. Youki The Wound Healer supports the skinÕs natural repair mechanism by providing the optimum conditions for healing. Wound healing progresses rapidly through its natural stages, protecting the wound and enabling the skin to heal from the site of the wound upwards.

  • quick and easy to use, Youki is an instant solution for wound-care problems
  • there is noÔrip or pullÕdilemma
  • suitable for almost any size wound
  • no need for a huge collection of plasters
  • suitable for difficult to reach and awkward injuries

Youki The Wound Healer covers most first aid eventualities. Youki Wound Spray is ideal for ÔdressingÕ for

  • cuts and grazes
  • lacerations
  • minor burns
  • post cosmetic procedures
  • slow-healing wounds, including leg ulcer, pressure sore and diabetic foot ulcers

With Youki there is no need for conventional bandages, plasters or dressings - Youki just sprays on and dries in seconds to form its own protective breathable membrane over the injury. Youki comes in a handy spray bottle Ð convenient for use around the house, or for popping into a pocket or handbag to take on holiday.

The kids are Back to School and summer holidays are over, get prepared for accidental knocks, bumps, cuts and bruises with Youki - the Wound Healer Range. These Class 1 medical products are a fantastic alternative to plasters and bandages and are great on cuts and grazes picked up in the school playground.

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